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Based on years of experience in building rehabilitation of the URA, terms and quality of tender documentations and contract  for engagement of work consultants and work contractors are varied, and their lack of reasonable and fair standards may prevent owners from obtaining competitive tender returns. After consulting the industry, the Platform has engaged professional and legal consultants for relevant studies and pre-production of various sample documents, such as tender and contract for engagement of work consultants and work contractors, as well as tender and contract for engagement of registered inspectors/qualified persons/qualified contractors for undertaking Mandatory Building Inspection/Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme in individual flats, etc. Owners may use relevant sample document hereafter so as to accelerate the progress involved in the engagement of service providers.


Meanwhile, the URA believes that if owners are able to obtain more precise information on building rehabilitation on the market, their knowledge on relevant topics will increase, which definitely helps in their execution of building rehabilitation and maintenance works with reasonable costs and fair and open procedures. With this in mind, the Platform offers Building Rehabilitation Guidebook covering works and procedures involved in each rehabilitation stage plus various sorts of information necessary for owners’ understanding. Anchored to Building Rehabilitation Workflow, the guidelines are supplemented with simulated scenarios and examples for a more realistic illustration of current building rehabilitation such that readers may take heed of possible misconducts in the process of building rehabilitation. In addition to citations of legislative provisions in force, suggested procedures and measures are also provided as recommended operation routine.