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Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Needy Owners (BMGSNO) 


Purpose of the Scheme

To provide financial assistance to needy owner-occupiers to subsidise the costs of repairs and maintenance of their self-occupied properties in order to alleviate building dilapidation and to enhance building safety.

1.    Eligibility Criteria

1.    Applicant should hold valid Hong Kong Identity Card; and
2.    Applicant is the owner of a residential flat in a private domestic building or composite building*; and
3.    Applicant and his/her spouse (if married) are residing in the applied property; and
4.    Applicant must fulfil any one of the following criteria:
        i.    Aged 60 or above who complies with the income and asset limits; or
        ii.    Recipient of Old Age Living Allowance (OALA); or
        iii.    Recipient of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA); or
        iv.    Recipient of  Disability Allowance (DA) who complies with the income and asset limits; and
5.    Applicant must not be an undischarged bankrupt. 


Amount of Grant

1.    The maximum amount of grant for each application is HK$80,000. Each eligible applicant and his/her spouse (if married) will be altogether eligible         for a maximum grant of HK$80,000. The maximum amount of grant for each property is HK$80,000. The amount of grant will be calculated in                 proportion to the share of ownership of the flat owned by the applicant and his/her spouse (if married).
2.    Applicant, who has already applied for Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Elderly Owners (BMGSEO) administered by the HKHS, may also               apply for BMGSNO. The total amount of grant receivable by the applicant under both schemes will not exceed the maximum amount of grant                   under BMGSNO (i.e. HK$80,000).
3.    Subject to the availability of the Government grant, each applicant is entitled to apply for the maximum of 4 times during the 10 years counted                  from the date of submission of application form for BMGSNO of his/her first successful application.

Scope of Works Eligible for the Grant

1.    The scope of works eligible for the grant covers the following repair works related to building safety in a residential flat (please click In-flat Works Tips of Building Maintenance Grant Scheme For Needy Owners (Chinese version only) for details) and/or in building common areas:-
      1.1.    Improvement works on structural aspects of buildings, e.g. repairs of loose, cracked, spalled or defective concrete;
      1.2.   Improvement works on safety of external walls of buildings, e.g. repairs of defective rendering and mosaic tiles;
      1.3.   Inspection, repairs or replacement of defective windows;
      1.4.   Inspection or repair works of buildings;
      1.5.   Improvement works on fire safety of buildings, e.g. improvement on means of escape, means of access for firefighting and rescue and fire-                         resisting construction;
      1.6.   Provision, improvement and maintenance of fire service installations and equipment of buildings;
      1.7.   Removal of unauthorized building works and illegal rooftop structures;
      1.8.   Improvement on building services and sanitary facilities, e.g. repairs, maintenance and replacement of lifts, fire services installations and                          equipment, electrical wiring, gas risers, barrier-free facilities; replacement of soil pipes, defective waste pipes, rainwater pipes, fresh water                        pipes, vent pipes and underground drainage;
      1.9.   Repairs of waterproof membranes at rooftops and flat roofs, and works to alleviate water seepage problem;
      1.10.  Repair and maintenance or improvement works for slopes and retaining walls;
      1.11.    Improvement on the fire and building safety of partitioned flats;
      1.12.   Repair and maintenance works resulted from the above works, including investigation works and professional services                                                           (e.g.  removal of asbestos);
      1.13.   Any incidental or consequential works relating to items 2.1 to 2.12 above, e.g. touch-up works arising from repair or remedial works; and
      1.14.   Repayment of applicant’s outstanding loan(s) owing to the BD, HKHS or URA in relation to building maintenance, and/or costs arising from                      de-registration of the concerned legal charge/charging order.