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The work process involved in building rehabilitation, from planning to execution, often entails the engagement of service providers (e.g. Prescribed Building Professionals (PBP)/Prescribed Registered Contractor (PRC)/other relevant professionals) in compliance with the provision of relevant laws.


As informed by years of experience in building rehabilitation, the URA believes that the methodical and effective planning and implementation of a building rehabilitation project depend in no small part on the engagement of quality service providers with professionalism and integrity. Unfortunately, reality falls short of expectations in that owners/OCs find it difficult to locate service providers in the market, let alone those with a reliable degree of quality assurance, due to the scattered or imprecise information about service providers in the market.

With this in mind, the Building Rehabilitation Platform is actively discussing with professional organisations and industry representatives the possibility of hosting a database of service providers, and the feasibility of appropriate assessment and inspection schemes through which the quality assurance measures can be gauged and maintained systematically among the listed service providers, thereby restoring a healthy environment to the market, where owners/OCs have direct and quick access to suitable service providers with reference to the database. Details will be announced upon confirmation.


As a transitional measure before the database, the URA integrated 'Service Providers Reference Lists' compiled from relevant archives maintained by government departments and other institutions in relation to building rehabilitation is available on this website for owners’ reference.