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When an aged building lacks proper maintenance or is in serious disrepair, comprehensive and large-scale rehabilitation works is necessary to improve  or restore its conditions, facitilites or equipment. Solutions such as maintenance, replacement, improvement and upgrading, coupled with retrofitting measures if applicable, can reinforce the structure of the building and in return, minimise the risk of being declared unsafe.


Building Rehabilitation Workflow

With generally meagre understanding of the planning and management of building rehabilitation, many owners of old buildings are at their wits’ end when they are called into action. With this in mind, the URA contributes its experience in facilitating building rehabilitation over the years to the formulation of 6 major steps to building rehabilitation (abbr. ‘6 Steps to Rehab’), complemented with vivid and easy-to-understand short videos, for owners/Owners’ Corporations (OCs) to grasp the key milestones and points to note in the entire process of building rehabilitation in a lucid way, with practical information to equip them for the undertaking.


Buildings without OCs

The most effective way to prescribe works for building maintenance and rehabilitation is through an OC under relevant statutory framework. However, the formation of OC is often met with technical or legal hurdles which leave owners of old buildings, many of them elderly without professional knowledge, perplexed and helpless. In this regard, the URA has taken the initiative to consult legal advice with a view to facilitating maintenance works for common areas in buildings without an OC within the regulatory framework. Click here to learn more.


Rehab Case Sharing

Issues and difficulties emerged in previous rehabilitation projects, such as disagreement among owners, unreasonably low consultancy fee, suspected tender rigging, exorbitant maintenance cost, etc., offer food for thought. Owners/ OCs who had their rehabilitation projects properly completed share their experience on this Platform for latecomers to make reference to when similar issues arise.