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Purpose and Advantages

  • To fulfil owners’ collective responsibility in the management and maintenance of the building

A private property is an important asset of its owner. The Common Law stipulates that owners are responsible to carry out managment, maintenance and repair works for their building.


  • To exercise legal authority of the OC with regard to building management

The most feasible way to effective and proper management of common areas of a building is to form an OC, which is an independent corporation formed under Building Management Ordinance to manage the common areas of the subject building on behalf of all owners within the legal framework.


  • To engage owners in daily management and maintenance of the building

OCs formed under the Building Management Ordinance can engage owners in the effective management of common areas of the subject building and matters concerning building rehabilitation as an organisation representing all owners.


Method and Steps

An owners’ meeting may be convened by owners in compliance with Building Maintenance Ordinance (Section 3, 3A or 4) to appoint an Management Committee (MC) and form an OC. The owners shall also refer to the DMC of the subject building for the number of votes each owner has at the owners’ meeting.


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Subsidy and Assistance

Owners intend to form an OC may apply for subsidy and assistance from the Home Affairs Department in relation to the formation and daily operation of the OC.