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‘All things are difficult before they are easy’. This applies to the complex task of building rehabilitation. At the initial stage of planning a building rehabilitation project, the first hurdle lies in communicating the reasons behind and necessity of it to owners. To get it done smoothly and effectively, owners are recommended to:


1. Engage owners in discussion and proper communication to ensure the reasons for building rehabilitation and the consequences of its negligence are understood;


2. Acquire useful information relevant to building rehabilitation, including:

    • benefits of building rehabilitation;

    • statutory orders/notices and relevant laws;

    • common defects with respect to building condition and their handling methods;


3. Understand the workflow of building rehabilitation and points to note at each stage.


Proper communication and preparation help not only strengthen owners’ confidence in the intended project, but also minimise hitches, misunderstandings or disputes in the future.


If there is no owners' corporation, owners may consider to form a building rehabilitation task force to coordinate and follow up on the preliminary work involved with reference to terms related to the planning and implementation of repair and maintenance works for common areas of the subject building as stipulated in the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) of the building.


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