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Works Inspection and Completion

Works Inspection and Completion

The last step to building rehabilitation involves the conduction of acceptance inspection of all works items and confirmation of their completion by the works consultant. Major tasks involved at this stage includes:


After the completion of works, relevant declaration shall be made by the works consultant/works contractor so as to apply for order discharge (if applicable). The works consultant shall accompany owners/OCs to conduct acceptance inspection and issue works completion certificate after confirming the exact date with proofs of proper completion of all works in compliance with contractual requirements and regulations. Rectifications and follow-ups of items with remaining defects should be duly carried out within a reasonable timeframe by works contractor.

During the defects liability period of works, the works contractor must rectify all defects that appear. When all rectification works are satisfactorily completed, the final certificate would be issued by the works consultant. This would trigger the release of the retention money. Subject to the settlement of final accounts, the works contract can be regarded as completed.


After completion of building rehabilitation works, owners/OCs should remain diligent in observing routine maintenance, including maintenance cycle planning and setting up of rehabilitation sinking fund, etc.


Owners/OCs should maintain appropriate building insurance. Without building insurance, owners will have to bear the loss, cost for repairing and compensation and may be held liable.