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After completion of building rehabilitation works, owners/OCs should remain diligent in observing routine maintenance, including maintenance cycle planning and setting up of rehabilitation sinking fund, etc.


Building maintenance cycle

The maintenance cycle of a building depends on the latter’s individual circumstances (e.g. the use, classification and condition), expectation of users and their affordability, with adjustments made in accordance with certain special conditions and expected standards. Nonetheless, the maintenance cycles of facilities or structures crucial to the safety or hygiene of residents and the public, or those whose inspection and testing are prescribed by law, e.g. external finishes, fire safety provisions, fire service installations and facilities, electrical and lift installations, etc. shall not be extended.


Setting up of rehabilitation sinking fund

The substantial costs involved in sustaining proper condition of a building and regular maintenance works may not be met solely by the revenue stream from standard management fee. One of the feasible and effective financial solutions is to set up a rehabilitation sinking fund, whose instalment can be collected along with monthly management fee, to support comprehensive maintenance plans, thereby relieving the financial burden on owners in case of largescale building rehabilitation works.

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