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Wherever possible, owners/OCs should convene meetings where the works consultant presents the content of the tender assessment report and results for owners to shortlist preferred works contractors for interview.

Interview flow

Through interviews, owners/OCs may know more about the works contractors in the following aspects:

•    Quality/experience/biography of the management personnel/staff;
•    Past experience in handling similar works and goodwill;
•    Company scale and organisational structure;
•    Designated teams for the works;
•    Extent of knowledge of workflow/requirements;
•    Knowledge of specifications and the works concerned;
•    Knowledge of the condition of the subject building.


Points to note

•    Unless on reasonable grounds, the 5 lowest bidders should be shortlisted for the interview;
•    Send early invitations to interview in writing to allow sufficient preparation time on the side of shortlisted works contractors (e.g. at least 7 days

•    Confirm receipt of invitation with shortlisted works contractors;
•    Contact works contractors who refused or failed to attend the interview directly to learn their reasons;
•    Report to the police/Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)/Competition Commission on any incident related or suspected to be

      related to improper or unlawful behaviours.


Bargaining arrangement

To reduce the risk of corruption, owners/OCs should avoid bargaining in the period after tender submission and before selection of works contractor. If owners/OCs insist in price negotiation, such agenda shall be discussed and resolved on at an owners’ meeting.


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