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As with the procurement of works consultant, the opening of tenders at this stage must be done by owners/OCs in compliance with requirements of relevant laws.

Assess works tenders received

The works consultant shall prepare a detailed tender assessment report to assist owners/OCs in their selection of contractors. The assessment criteria should be defined and approved before tendering to facilitate an objective assessment by the works consultant after the opening of tenders.


Key content of tender assessment report

A comprehensive tender assessment report should contain the following six parts:

1.    A brief introduction to the contract, plus a summary of tendering method, procedure and opening results of tenders received;
2.    Revision, enquiries and correspondences;
3.    Analysis of quotes received from tenderers;
4.    Subordinate parameters such as alternatives or counter-proposals;
5.    Other non-quantitative parameters; and
6.    Conclusion and recommendations.


Points to note

•    No modification of tender assessment criteria after tender opening lest that owners would be misled (where the actual circumstance dictates

      otherwise, explanations must be given);
•    In the case where the lowest/best qualified bidder pursuant to the assessment criteria is not recommended by the works consultant/OC,

      justification for such decision must be provided, documented and explained at an owners’ meeting.


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