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With inadequate experience in managing works projects and contracts, owners/OCs may overlook the fundamental details or key points therein and be misled or fall into pitfall, resulting in poor quality of works despite all the effort and money.

Before the commencement of building rehabilitation works, owners/OCs should learn the correlation among ‘major stakeholders’, the points to note on managing each stage of works and contracts, as well as feasible measures to facilitate proper management and supervision of works involved.


Major stakeholders

Owners/OCs (i.e. the employer)

The party entering into the contract commissioning works contractor to execute and complete building rehabilitation works items stated therein in compliance with the contractual terms and requirements and undertaking to pay for the costs.


Works consultant (i.e. the contract manager)

The person who, as stipulated in the works contract, is entrusted by and representing the employer to supervise the execution and completion of rehabilitation works, as stated in the contract, by the contractor. The works consultant shall act in an independent and just manner between the two parties entering into the contract (i.e. the employer and the works contractor) in compliance with the terms and requirements stipulated therein.


Works contractor

The party entering into the contract undertaking to execute and complete the rehabilitation works stated therein in compliance with the contractual terms and requirements.

Clerks of Works

The person entrusted by owners/OCs or the contract manager with site patrol, inspection, review, supply inventory, and documentation of site facilities and activities involved. To enhance quality supervision, owners/OCs may consider the appointment of such person at the works site during the entire rehabilitation project to inspect operations at all key stages to ensure compliance with quality requirements as stated in works specifications and contract, while reporting to owners/OCs directly on the progress, quality and any safety issues of the works on a daily or weekly basis.

Signing of contract and preparation before work commencement

In addition to the roles of stakeholders, owners/OCs should also be in the know about the points to note on managing each stage of works and contracts, as well as the feasible measures that facilitate proper management and supervision of the works involved, such as:

•   A reasonable timeframe for formulation of contract
•   Clarification of ‘contract term’
•   Arrangement of regular meetings
•   Preparation of site supervision proposals by the works consultant
•   Submission of the following documentation by works contractor for review
•   Organisational chart of management personnel and workers
•   Works schedule
•   Emergency contact numbers
•   Samples of work permits and uniforms for workers
•   Proposals for individual works items drafted in compliance with contractual requirements (e.g. waterproofing works for roof surface)


Use of sample contract document

With the sample contract document drafted by the Building Rehabilitation Platform still in progress, owners/OCs may consider using Standard Form of Contract for Maintenance and Renovation Works and Standard Form of Contract for Minor Works published by The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors and make appropriate modifications in accordance with actual situation. To purchase the above documents, please visit .