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Use standard contract documentation

Upon passing the resolution on the appointment of works consultant, owners/OCs should clarify the scope of services and responsibilities of each party entering into the contract and confirm terms therein with the successful tenderer. To protect the interests of each contracting party, the Building Rehabilitation Platform is discussing with stakeholders on the preparation of sample tender and contract documents for owners/OCs’ use. Details are to be announced in due course.


Measures in works consultant supervision

The appointed works consultant shall be managed in compliance with contract terms or relevant codes of practice. In view of the possible exploitation of inexperienced owners/OCs by unethical parties, resulting in the delay of progress and poor quality of works, the following areas are pinpointed for owners/OCs to take notice of in their supervision of works consultant:

•    Contract terms
•    Works schedule
•    Organisational chart of management with contact telephone numbers
•    Site supervision plans
•    Documents and proofs submitted
•    Regular meetings
•    Modification of works
•    Payment arrangement
•    Termination of service contract
•    Indemnification undertaken

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