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Legal requirements

Pursuant to Building Management Ordinance, if the value of engineering consultancy services does not exceed 20% of the annual budget of the OC, the selection of work consultant may be put to the vote in the MC. Yet it is still recommended that the OC convene an owners’ meeting wherever possible to engage more owners in the voting to enhance transparency and legitimacy of the process.


Proper procurement procedures

An assessment report on received tenders should be prepared in accordance with relevant criteria, in which the assessment result and relevant information are provided for owners’ reference. In so doing, owners can gain a more thorough understanding of the work consultants and their tenders, with sufficient time for questions and opinions to be communicated promptly to eliminate unnecessary disputes in the future.


Owners/OCs may:

•  Place a copy of complete analysis report on received tenders with all necessary details at the property management office or other prominent

    location for owners’ reference;
•  Provide all owners with an abstract of the analysis report summary (say one to two pages) by mailbox drop, by post or other feasible way to facilitate

    the understanding of received tenders;
•  Invite interested owners to participate in the interviews of work consultants wherever possible;
•  Convene an owners’ meeting to decide on the selection of work consultant wherever possible. It is recommended that all owners  participate actively

    in the meeting to enhance transparency and legitimacy of the process.

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