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Tender opening procedures, where received tendering proposals are analysed, should commence when the deadline for tender submission is due. While pricing may be deemed the most pivotal factor by owners, giving disproportionate weight to it is undesirable. More often than not, a deal with the lowest bidder can only be reached at the expense of service scope, working hours, involvement of professionals, level of expertise and goodwill, etc. on the part of works consultant, which are equally important when rehabilitation works are concerned.


In fact in addition to service quotation, owners/OCs should also ask tenderers to provide information facilitating the analysis of their capability. This includes background of the works consultant, track records, company resources and current workload, as well as qualification/relevant experience, duties and level of involvement of persons in charge, etc. In so doing, owners/OCs can gain a thorough understanding of the tenderers while ensuring their provision of effective and sufficient professional services for the intended works.


In the assessment of tenders, owners/OCs:



► Consider appointing an independent tender assessment task force comprised of owners’ representatives, members of the MC and representatives

        from building management company of the building (if applicable) for the assessment of tenders;

► Assess consultancy service proposals from multiple perspectives (instead of the ‘lowest bid wins’ principle);
► Define tender assessment criteria before the opening of tenders, in particular any necessary/mandatory non-pricing factors (e.g. professional

        experience and company scale, etc.)
► Consider other non-pricing factors, such as service charges and estimated human resources to assess their sufficient/proportionate allocation.


Should not

X Give false/biased opinion on the performance of any tenderer;

X Modify tender assessment criteria by adding new and irrelevant parameters in the process as a means to screen out certain tenderers;
X Accept services beyond the stated scope in the tenders offered by tenderers gratuitously or at a nominal fee.


In the case where the highest ranked tender in accordance with the relevant assessment criteria is not recommended by the owners/OCs after thorough assessment, justification for such decision must be provided, documented and explained to all owners in detail to ensure fairness, impartiality and openness.


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