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Why appoint works consultant?

Since owners/OCs may not possess the professional knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise required in building rehabilitation works, it is necessary to appoint works consultant to facilitate the coordination and supervision of works involved, including the assessment of building condition and formulation of tender documents and specification of works.


At present, specific requirements for building rehabilitation or site supervision personnel are stipulated in Buildings Ordinance. For instance, in accordance with Minor Works Control System, owners/OCs shall, depending on the classification of the works concerned, appoint prescribed building professionals and/or prescribed registered contractors qualified to execute minor works in compliance with statutory requirements. Meanwhile, the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme also stipulates that owners/OCs must appoint registered inspectors to carry out prescribed inspection required by the law and supervision of subsequent prescribed repair works.


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Scope of services of works consultant

A works consultant is indispensable to building rehabilitation. As such, a detailed and lucid tender document with relevant scope of services listed can facilitate the communication of owners/OCs’ requirements to interested tenderers, which in return is conducive to more comprehensive, precise, reasonable and competitive pricing for easier comparison.


In general, the duties and scope of services of works consultant include:


•   Building inspection;

•   Drafting of work tender documents and provision of cost estimate;

•   Procurement of works contractor and analysis of tenders received;

•   Supervision of works;

•   Certification of payment and issuance of completion certificate;

•   Provision of professional advice on technical matters.


In the case where certain area of expertise is involved in the maintenance projects, e.g. fire services; asbestos; gas pipes and lifts, owners/OCs must appoint prescribed professionals/prescribed works contractors in compliance with relevant laws.


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