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URA supports Government’s initiatives to enhance safety condition of aged lifts

In response to the announcement made by the Chief Executive in the 2018 Policy Address today (10 October 2018) on the launch of the “Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme” (LIMSS) for aged lifts, a spokesman for the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) said the URA welcomes the Government’s new initiatives with full support. Relevant implementation framework and details will be devised and submitted to the URA Board for deliberation and approval.

Making reference to the “Operation Building Bright 2.0 Scheme” and “Fire Safety Improvement Works Subsidy Scheme”, both being implemented by the URA in partnership with the Government, the LIMSS will assist building owners in need, through the provision of financial assistance, to undertake lift modernisation works, aiming to expedite lift modernisation to enhance the safety of aged lift, and thereby public safety. The URA will work out with the Government department the implementation framework and subsidy mechanism for submission to the URA Board for deliberation and approval. The LIMSS is planned for application in the first quarter of 2019.