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To help Owners’ Corporations (OCs) and Property Management Companies (PMCs) prevent corruption and adopt ethical practices in building management and maintenance, the ICAC provides the following services:


  • providing independent advice to OCs and PMCs on corruption prevention measures and procedures in building management and maintenance;
  • advising OCs and PMCs on probity guidelines and code of conduct for their members and staff;
  • arranging visits and training activities to OCs and PMCs to enhance their understanding of the anti-corruption law and corruption-prone areas, as well as encouraging them to adopt preventive measures; and
  • offering OCs and PMCs publicity materials including pamphlets, exhibition panels, stall games etc., to promote clean building management.

Get more details from:
Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline: 2929 4555, or the Government Subsidy Schemes for Building Maintenance – Corruption Preventive Education Thematic Webpage and the Integrity and Quality Building Management Website.

ICAC education and publicity materials relating to preventing corruption in building management include:





Reporting Corruption

  • Suspecting Corruption, report it. All information provided will be kept in strict confidence.

        Report Corruption Hotline: 25 266 366