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To help Owners’ Corporations (OCs) and Property Management Companies (PMCs) prevent corruption and adopt ethical practices in building management and maintenance, the ICAC provides the following services:


  • providing independent advice to OCs and PMCs on corruption prevention measures and procedures in building management and maintenance;
  • advising OCs and PMCs on probity guidelines and code of conduct for their members and staff;
  • arranging visits and training activities to OCs and PMCs to enhance their understanding of the anti-corruption law and corruption-prone areas, as well as encouraging them to adopt preventive measures; and
  • offering OCs and PMCs publicity materials including pamphlets, exhibition panels, stall games etc., to promote clean building management.

Get more details from:
Integrity Building Management Enquiry Hotline: 2929 4555, or  the Integrity and Quality Building Management Website.

ICAC education and publicity materials relating to preventing corruption in building management include:

Guidebook/ Toolkit

ICAC-1 Building Maintenance Toolkit 
ICAC-1 Building Management Toolkit 
ICAC-3 Building Financial Management Toolkit 
ICAC-4 Corruption Prevention Guide for Property Management Companies 




CP101 (thumbnail)



Corruption Prevention 101 – Building Maintenance Tips  for Owners (Chinese version only)


ICAC ICAC Services on Clean Building Management
ICAC 2 ICAC Pamphlet for Building Management Sector
ICAC3 Building Maintenance Corruption Prevention Smart Tips






Following the launch of the Integrity Charter in September 2021, the  Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Development Bureau, and the Construction Industry Council jointly introduced the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0  on 23 December 2022.  Building rehabilitation works contractors and consulting firms are strongly encouraged to participate in the Charter and build a corruption-free and professional construction team based on an improved management system of integrity.  Signing of the Charter is on a voluntary basis.  For details of the Construction Industry Integrity Charter 2.0, please refer to the Corruption Prevention Advisory Service’s webpage:


Reporting Corruption

  • Suspecting Corruption, report it. All information provided will be kept in strict confidence.

        Report Corruption Hotline: 25 266 366