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In order to combat crimes related to building renovation, the Police are adopting a three-pronged strategy, namely prevention and education, intelligence gathering and enforcement.  With regard to prevention and education, the Chief Superintendent of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) has been chairing an interdepartmental working group including representatives from the Urban Renewal Authority, the Hong Kong Housing Society, the Buildings Department, the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Home Affairs Bureau.  The working group launched a publicity campaign on crime prevention called “RenoSafe Scheme” on 4 September 2013.

Hong Kong Police Force

The Scheme offers one-stop service to improve the public’s knowledge of crimes related to building renovation to help them tackle tender rigging, triad involvement or other malpractices. It emphasises that various departments and public bodies can offer numerous services and the importance of the cooperation of the public. Under the Scheme, copies of “Integrated Service Package”, posters and large banners will be distributed to participating buildings. Anti-triad officers at various levels will visit old buildings in the areas within their purview to raise the awareness of residents, incorporated owners and mutual aid committees, to establish a platform for them to seek professional advice, and to strengthen the partnership between the Police and homeowners. Residents will also be informed of the contact telephone numbers of participating departments and public bodies as well as the direct hotlines of the respective district anti-triad squads, so that they can ask for assistance and support. The Scheme also encourages the public to actively inform the Police when encountering suspicious circumstances. Besides co-ordinating the resources of all Police Regions to launch crime prevention publicity campaigns, the OCTB delivers talks on crime prevention from time to time to help those residents, incorporated owners and mutual aid committees in need.

The Police, participating departments and public bodies are committed to improving the process of building renovation, and will enhance the related crime prevention publicity so as to serve more incorporated owners in need.

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Hong Kong Police ForceHong Kong Police ForceHong Kong Police Force