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Notwithstanding that the water supplied by the Water Supplies Department (WSD) is safe to drink, the water quality could be affected in the internal plumbing systems due to various factors, such as the drinking water tank is not properly cleaned, or the internal water supply system is contaminated due to stagnation of water or use of inappropriate plumbing materials.

Therefore, WSD has been encouraging the property owners and management agents to implement water safety plan for buildings (WSPB) in their buildings to ensure the safety of drinking water in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

For the details of Water Safety in Buildings, please visit the website “Water Safety in Buildings” .


Water Safety Plan Subsidy Scheme

The Chief Executive announced in the 2019 Policy Address the Government’s plan to allocate $440 million to launch a Water Safety Plan Subsidy Scheme to encourage property owners and management agents to implement WSPB at their premises in order to further safeguard drinking water safety in buildings in Hong Kong.


Eligibility Criteria

Building participating in WSPSS must meet the following criteria:
•  It should be private residential or composite (commercial and residential) building (including a building held by a Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Societies); and 
•  the average annual rateable value of all the domestic units in the building should not exceed the ceiling as given in the table below: 



Average annual rateable value ceiling of

all the domestic units

Urban areas
(including Sha Tin, Kwai Tsing, and Tsuen Wan districts)
The New Territories
(excluding Sha Tin, Kwai Tsing and Tsuen Wan districts)

WSPSS does not cover those buildings with three storeys or less.


How to apply?
To make application, submit the completed application form together with all the necessary documents to Water Supplies Department.

For scheme details, please click here.