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It is the responsibility of owners to manage and maintain their own properties.  In respect of building management, Government assists owners in discharging their management responsibilities.  The staff of the Home Affairs Department (HAD) will give advice to owners’ corporations (OCs) and owners of buildings to help solving building management issues, but will not assume the management responsibilities for them.  When planning building maintenance works, owners should actively participate, know the details of the works and agree on the project to avoid disputes.  HAD also provides general support services, including attending general meetings of OCs upon invitation, and providing the following professional support services regarding building management and maintenance to owners and OCs.

Building Management Professional Advisory Service Scheme (BMPASS)

To enhance the support for owners of old buildings, we have launched BMPASS under which professional PMCs are engaged to provide owners of old buildings (in particular those without any form of management) in need with a range of free professional advice on building management and follow-up services.  The services include assisting owners in forming OCs, assisting OCs in applying for maintenance subsidies, and following up on building maintenance works and tendering matters, etc.
To learn more about the scheme, please visit our dedicated website on building management ( 

Support services for resolving disputes

OCs and owners may have different views and disagreements regarding building management and maintenance works.  To assist owners and OCs in resolving their disputes, HAD provides the following support services:


  1. Free Legal Advice Service on Building Management – The Law Society of Hong Kong will arrange for its members to offer professional advice to owners on the interpretation of the provisions of the Building Management Ordinance and other related legal matters.
  2. Free Mediation Service Scheme for Building Management – The Hong Kong Mediation Centre or the Hong Kong Mediation Council will arrange for accredited mediators to provide at most 15 hours of free professional mediation services to help both parties resolve the disputes promptly and effectively by reaching a settlement.  This will save the costs and time to be incurred in taking legal action.
  3. The Panel of Advisors on Building Management Disputes – HAD has established a dedicated panel comprising professionals such as lawyers, accountants, surveyors and property managers to provide owners/OCs with professional advice to help resolve disputes.

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