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Works Safety


Construction sites can have many potential hazards if not carefully managed, and they pose a risk to both the building occupants and the workers. To encourage the adoption of safe work practices and provision of necessary precautionary measures, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has encouraged the use of Pay for Safety Scheme (PFSS) for both public and private projects. Under the PFSS, the safety items such as a safety plan, safety officers, and safety training for workers would be listed out separately in detail and priced in the Bill of Quantities, and payment for these items would be dependent on the contractor carrying out these safety items to the owners’ satisfaction. It offers the financial incentive to contractors to allocate appropriate resources for safety related matters and the owners will in turn have a better peace of mind.


Notwithstanding that the use of PFSS is seldomly adopted in rehabilitation work of residential buildings, the allowance of good safety on site is essential for the promotion of efficient building operation.


Additional information: The Construction Industry Council