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“Smart Tender” Building Rehabilitation Facilitating Services (The Scheme) is a fee-based service scheme with a view to offering assistance to owners’ organisations (The Applicant) in building rehabilitation works, with an electronic tendering platform to facilitate procurement of Authorised Person/Registered Inspector (or the consultancy firms that can provide relevant services) and qualified registered contractors to carry out maintenance works for the common parts of the building.

Eligibility Criteria

All private residential or composite (for both commercial and residential uses) buildings (including those owned by Civil Servants’ Co-operative Building Societies (CBS)) not in single ownership, except buildings of three storeys or less and New Territories Exempted Houses. The use of building as stated on Occupation Permit shall be treated as conclusive.

Other Requirements

1.  The Authorised Person (AP)/Registered Inspector (RI) should be engaged to carry out inspection and organisation of maintenance works, but application for the Scheme must be submitted before such person is engaged Note 1;

2.  The Scheme aims at assisting owners in handling maintenance works for the common parts of the building; However, the Scheme is not applicable for the maintenance works solely limited to the following works items:

(i)            Repair retaining wall or slope;

(ii)           Repair or replace recreational facilities;

(iii)          Replace, upgrade or repair electrical installation, power system; or
(iv)          Replace, upgrade or repair lift installation.


3.  No partial service arrangements will be accepted under the Scheme, for example when an AP/RI have already been engaged by the Applicant before submission of the application form; or that the maintenance works has proceeded to the stage where the procurement of qualified registered contractor is underway and the Applicant only wish to perform the said procurement through the electronic tendering platform provided by the URA.


Note 1: If the prescribed inspection under the Statutory Notice on Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme has been completed by a RI appointed by the Applicant before submission of the application form, and the Applicant intend to appoint the same RI to handle the subsequent prescribed repair works, then the Applicant must submit relevant documentary proofs to prove that the aforementioned procurement procedures have complied with the relevant laws and through open tendering. The URA will decide whether to accept the application or not after reviewing the information.


Owner's organisations and Applicant's Representatives

- If an owners’ corporation (OC) has been formed, the OC should be the Applicant submitting the application to the URA.

- For building without an OC (including those held by CBS), all owners collectively or CBS (if appropriate) should be the Applicant submitting the application to the URA. Please refer to the “Application Notes for building without Owners’ Corporation” in Annex I of the IBRAS Application Form for the application requirements and details.


Scope of Services

The key services offered by the URA include:

1. To provide “DIY Tool-kits” to the successful Applicant, which include standard templates and recommendations/mandatory terms and conditions for the procurement of AP/RI and qualified registered contractor, as well as relevant guidelines and points to note in organising building rehabilitation works;

2. To engage independent professional to offer professional and technical advices on general building maintenance issues at various stages and cost estimations of relevant work items for the successful Applicant;

3. To engage independent professional to review and offer advices on inspection reports, tender documents, cost estimates of works and tender analysis reports prepared by AP/RI for the successful Applicant;

4. To act as an agent to provide an electronic tendering platform for the successful Applicant to procure AP/RI and qualified registered contractor;

5. To act as an agent of the successful Applicant to engage professional Accountant (or independent professional) to administer tender opening procedures.


Should you need further information on Smart Tender’s services, please click here to visit Download Centre. 


For those who would like to register ub E-Tendering Platfrom as registered person* and participate the tendering exercise conducted by the building owners under URA's building rehabilitation schemes, please click here here to learn more about the registration procedures through the User Manual and Video Tutorial given.

*Note: The list of registered person include (1)Authorized Person(AP)/ Registered Inspector(RI), (2)Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC) ,(3)Fire Contractor (FSIC), (4)Minor Works COntractor (Class 1)(MWC1) & (5) Registered Lift Contractor (RLC) (For Lift Modernisation Subsiy Scheme (LIMSS) only).


Service Flow

ST flow chart 


Service Fee

Following the revision of the average annual rateable value of domestic units in buildings joining Smart Tender, which is used for determining the fee levels, effective from 13 June 2017, and the Government has set aside $ 300 million grant commitment in the 2017-18 Budget to allow property owners to participate in the Smart Tender at a concession rate, the revised service fee of Smart Tender is tabulated below:


Average annual rateable value of the domestic units of the Building located at Urban and NT areas (1)

Total number of domestic and non-domestic units of the building
(Except Car park Space)

Service Fee
Concessionary Fee under Concession Scheme
Tier 1
Below $162,001 (Urban)
Below $124,001 (N.T.)
≤ 400 units $25,000 $1,250
401 – 800 units $45,000


801 – 1200 units $60,000  $3,000
> 1200 units $75,000 $3,750
Tier 2
In between $162,001 & $300,000 (Urban)
In between $124,001 & $160,000 (N.T.)
≤ 400 units $50,000 $10,000
401 – 800 units  $100,000


801 – 1200 units $130,000  $26,000
> 1200 units $160,000 $32,000
Tier 3      
Over $300,000 (Urban)
Over $160,000 (N.T.)
≤ 400 units $50,000 $25,000
401 – 800 units $100,000


801 – 1200 units $130,000  $65,000
> 1200 units $160,000 $80,000
1. Urban – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Sha Tin, Kwai Tsing, & Tsuen Wan;
N.T. – New Territories excluding Sha Tin, Kwai Tsing, & Tsuen Wan;
2. The number of units is the summation of the domestic and non-domestic units (excluding car park spaces) stated either in the OP(s) or DMC(s) for the subject building /estate under the application, whichever is higher;
3. If the number of units can neither be precisely derived from the OP nor the DMC, records at the Land Registry provided by the applicant will form a basis for determination of number of units; and the actual service fee shall be confirmed in the Service Agreement.